Measuring Your Dog

Measuring Your Dog

As we have so many different brands with their own size charts we endeavour to provide you with
the exact measurements of each of their products. All you need do is then measure your dog

Collars – Measure the widest part of your dog’s head then measure its neck, then use the largest
measurement to select a collar that fits between the ranges sizes. A collar should fit comfortably
around the dog’s neck (A) and a good rule of thumb is when you are able to fit two fingers in to the
collar while it’s on your dog.

Harnesses – Measure the girth of your dog’s chest, just behind it’s front legs (B). You should be able to
fit four fingers behind the front legs where the chest is the widest when the harness is on so that it’s
not too tight. Always make sure that your dog’s legs can move freely in the harness whilst walking.

Dog clothing – Measure from the nape to the base of the tail (C), this will give you the length that you
need for i.e. a coat. Most coats are adjustable around the girth so don’t worry about this too much.
As for other items of clothing once again the most important measurement is the length of your dog
as these garments are all stretchable around the dog’s body.

Dog Boots – Place the paw on to a piece of paper and press the paw gently down on top to spread the
paw. Mark the left and right side to get the width size then front and back making sure they are
standing properly with their full weight down on the paper. Take these measurements compare
them to the sizing of the Ruffwear boots.


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