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Our bespoke grooming space is a home away from home for your pets.

While your pets are with us they will be afforded a clean, well equipped tailor-made environment for the finest pet grooming services. 
We only use the finest grooming tools and natural products on your pets for the best results. As members of ICMG we groom with empathy, ethics and kindness. We will never keep a stressed dog on the table for too long and the sake of aesthetics. The well-being of the dogs always comes first with Love My Human 
We do not crate your dogs, we do not keep hold of your dogs longer then is necessary – we provide fresh drinking water, an indoor play area as well as a outdoor courtyard for them to stretch their legs in and socialise with other dogs. 
wash&fluff use

wash & tidy

This is a wonderful in-between a full grooming session for your dogs. A wash and fluff or wash and tidy involves two shampoo cleanse of their fur and skin, if necessary we will de-matt their fur. All costs will get a good brush out to remove all dead fur leaving a healthy shiny top coat and allowing the skin beneath to breath. For the “Tidy” we will clip their nails, trim around their sanitary area, trim around their eyes and paws.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours depending on size of the dog and temperament of the dog. 

full groom new

Full Groom

A full groom involves a two shampoo cleanse, de-matt if needed and a brush out whilst being hand dried. The dogs fur is then cut to a style or bread standard style agreed with the owner. Their nails are clipped, ears checked, sanitary area trimmed and cleaned up.  Your dogs will be brought back to its magnificent self after a Love My Human full groom.
Duration: 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the size, breed and temperament of the dog 



Any dog under 3kg – the smaller the more careful we need to be. The time required will be the same as an X-small dog.



Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund, Terrier, Toy
Yorkie, Toy Pomeranian, Toy Maltese.

WASH & FLUFF from £66 FULL GROOM from £78


Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, German Spitz, Frenchie, Papillon, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Small Pomeranian.

WASH & FLUFF from £78 FULL GROOM from £88


Miniature Schnauzer, Coton De Dulear, Cockerpoo,
Cavapoo, Staffie, Vizla, Westie, Scotti, Basset Hound,
Sheltie, Japanese Spitz, Tibetan Terrier, Minature Poodle.

WASH & FLUFF from £88 FULL GROOM from £93


Cocker Spaniel, Whippet/Greyhound, Standard Schnauzer, Airedale, Welsh Terrier, Australian Labradoodle, Miniature Labradoodle.

WASH & FLUFF from £93 FULL GROOM from £108


Old English Sheepdog, Bearded Collie, Akita, Giant
Schnauzer, Bernese Mountain Dog, Husky/Malamute,
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dogue De Bordeaux, Russian
Terrier, German Shepard, Briard.

WASH & FLUFF or FULL GROOM from £113

Breed classic trim prices may vary depending on styling, weight (heavier dogs are likely to require more groomers), hands trip- ping prices +£25 onwards depending on the condition of the coat, full coated breeds (more brushing and generally matted)

puppy groming 2

Puppy grooms are different to the regular grooms – we do not cut and style puppies until their fur is fully grown and this will be discussed with our groomer. We will take the best of care with your new pups and be as gentle and loving with them to make sure they enjoy the first grooming experience.

We will dry them gently with a quiet handheld hair dryer and make sure they receive lots of cuddles and kisses during the process. They will be kept safe and away from bigger dogs that may be with us in the crèche, it is a perfect way to socialise them with our other younger guests.

At the Love My Human Townhouse at 330 King’s Road we have created a grooming room dedicated to pups older and smaller breeds. This room is cosy and more intimate and made to feel like home. It is furnished with sofas, soft furnishings and we only use low volume equipment for grooming little pups and older dogs. They are made to feel safe, secure and calm when being groomed here.
Cat Grooming

Kittens up to 6 months old from £48 for bath & brush; nails, eye & ear cleaning. For adult cats the price will depend on many factors such as size, age & behaviour, as well as the length condition of their coat.

Dry shampoo from £68 (short haired breed) and from £78 (long haired breed). Wet bath for small to medium cats from £88 (short haired breed) and from £98 (long haired breed). Wet bath for large to extra large cats from £108.

Lion cuts from £93 (lightly matted) and from £103 (severely matted). Please note, a wet bath is not included in the lion cut and needs to be booked as a separate appointment. We assign two groomers per cat to make sure the cat is properly handled and safe with us. We keep cats and dogs apart and generally groom cats on Thursday mornings.
wash and fluff

£80 for a 5 hour stay (plus grooming & add-on costs).

Drop your dog off for some pampering while you treat yourself to a day of shopping, dining and exploring on the King’s Road. We’ll take them out for lovely 1 hour walk in the park before giving them the groom of your choice and any extra treatments you’d like. When they’re lovely and clean and tired out, they can relax, snooze or play with other dogs in our luxury crèche.

To really spoil your dog we offer the following add-on treatments.

Blueberry facial & Eye White barrier £18

Glands £18

Eye White barrier £10

Teeth clean £15

Nail clipping £15

Wild Dog Co paw & nose balm finish £8 vUltrasonic Emmi Pet Teeth Cleaning £38 per course (£95 for course of three)

We are immensely proud of our grooming team at Love My Human. Each groomer has been carefully selected and they come to us with no less than two years’ experience and hold City & Guilds (or equivalent) level 2-3 grooming qualifications.

To meet our high grooming standards they are engaged in further training with ICMG (International Certified Master Groomers), each with the aim of becoming Master Groomers. As members of ICMG we have signed up to grooming under a code of ethics. This means not only do we groom to a high standard, we also place huge importance on the care and well-being of your pets during their time with us.
Main pic

LMH Townhouse is a sister company to Love My Human. The LMH Townhouse is located just a few minutes walk along the road (going towards the worlds end part of the King’s Road).

Within the LMH Townhouse we have a sophisticated dog friendly restaurant, A members Pup Club dog day care and on the upper floors we have a holistic dog health treatment room and a boutique grooming room for smaller breeds, puppies, nervous and older dogs.

Teeth Cleaning Services

We are all aware of the importance of maintaining your dogs oral health and keeping their teeth and gums clean. A lack of oral care can lead dental diseases and cause their immune system to go haywire, it can also increase a risk for heart disease and can complicate dealing with pets with diabetes. So we recommend that regular maintenance of your dogs teeth is essential.

At Love My Human we offer canine teeth cleaning services which do not require anaesthetic – although it may not be possible for every dog depending on their ability to keep still and in more severe cases where there is a presence if dental diseases and that’s when we do recommend a visit to your vets practice.

We are able to help maintain their teeth on a day to day or week to week basis by the following methods of teeth cleaning:

1. Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning service where we use a non vibrating ultrasonic tooth brush coupled with a micro bubble toothpaste. This specialist toothbrush  removes plaque and tartar with ultrasonic waves, each session lasts between 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the dog, it’s also a great method of eliminating bad breath.

We highly recommend 3 sessions to get the teeth and gums really clean and fresh. Our groomers are highly trained in using this method of teeth cleaning, on occasion two groomers will be involved. One to perform the USTC and other to hold and comfort. Note : the dog will not feel any pain whatsoever from this form of teeth cleaning.

Fee £38- £45 per session £95 for a package of three sessions

2. Regular tooth brush and paste teeth brushing. When your dog is having a groom with us you can add a teeth brushing session as well, so while they’re in the bath and before we begin to bath them we will give their teeth a good of fashioned brush using  Dorwest Roast Dinner low foaming toothpaste with Sage oil and a bamboo tooth brush with natural bristles. It’s thorough clean and painless for the dogs and some dogs love the taste of his toothpaste and enjoy chewing on the brush.

Fee is £12 per session.


Our grooming room is open seven days per week, first appointments are 9am 7 days a week.
Call on 020 7971 7338 during business hours – or fill in your name and phone number and we’ll call you back.

Grooming fees may increase if the dogs coat is long and thick or matted


Extra fees may be incurred for very matted dogs, hand stripping, no shows and late pick ups (i.e. overdue by 20 mins or after closing time). Flea ridden dogs will be isolated and owners will be asked to pick up their dog straight away and the grooming space will need to be decontaminated. Any extra fees will be discussed before being charged – we like to be fair to all our clients however we mustrespect other clients and their pets, as well as our groomers.


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