Ox Liver Deli Bites


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These tasty little liver treats are small pieces of naturally air-dried 100% Ox liver. High in nutrient-rich organ meat that most dogs really love, it is also a good source of copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. They are gluten free and have a tremendous source of vitamins A and B. Ox liver Deli bites are also a great source of omega-6 fatty acid which helps your dog develop a shiny coat and provides a barrier to lock in skin moisture.

Feeding Guidelines:

Suitable for dogs over 3 months. No more than 5 treats per day.

40g bag


Ox Liver

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 50.6%, Oils & Fats 8.9%, Fibre 6.9%, Inorganic Matter 3.8%