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FERDINANDO Microfiber Lead

FERDINANDO Microfiber Lead

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Like all other products, the Ferdinando collection of collars and leashes originates in the heart of Tuscany, the cradle of handcrafted manufacture.


These leashes feature silver metal hardware and are made of braided microfiber: this animal-free textile presents a velvety touch that doesn’t preclude a very easy maintenance: water-repellent, stain removable and machine washable, the bonus feature of the textile it to be fully recyclable.


Its animal-free composition, as well as its soft texture, is a plus for prestigious care-free products.


This leash is 120cm in length. Available in two thicknesses: 

10mm (Smaller dogs)

13mm (Larger dogs)



For daily maintenance, clean with a damp wipe and neutral detergent.

For deeper cleaning, we recommend bringing this material to laundry services specialised in leather and fur.

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