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Mia Cara

Luvio Dog Cushion

Luvio Dog Cushion

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The Luvio dog cushion from MiaCara is the most versatile of all their beds. Waterproof, UV-resistant and breathable, this is a difficult cushion to wear down!

The waterproof nature of this 'Oeko-Tex' fabric means the Luvio cushion can be used indoors or outdoors, making it perfect for all seasons. The fabric is also stain-resistant, but if you do want to freshen it up, the cover can easily be removed and both the cover and the inner cushion are machine washable.

A pre-formed hollow in the middle of the cushion supports the natural curvature of the dog’s body and the cushion remains elastic, even with ongoing use.

Comes is two neutral colours: Taupe and Slate.

Sizes (LxWxH)

Small: 80 x 60 x 10cm

Medium: 100 x 75 x 12cm

Large: 120 x 90 x 12cm

Please note that delivery could take up to 2 weeks.

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