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Nuts For Pets

The Big One

The Big One

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Get more bang for your buck with our Original Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter!

**Nutrient-Rich Blend**: High in vitamins B6 & E, niacin, protein & healthy fats for a wholesome treat.

**Natural Sweetness & Stickiness**: Added honey for minerals and irresistible tastiness.

**Coconut Oil Benefits**: Binds it all together, moisturizes skin, and boosts coat health.

**UK-Made Excellence**: Crafted without Salt, Sugar, Palm Oil & Xylitol—pure quality for your pet.

**Puppy Safe Formula**: Tailored for your furry friend's safety.

**How to Use:**
Explore the versatility:

- **Hiding Medication**: Effortlessly hide medication.
- **Bake Your Own Treats**: Create homemade delights.
- **Add to Meals**: Enhance regular meals with a spoonful.
- **Spread on Lickmats or Fillable Toys**: Interactive fun for your pet.
- **Frozen Treats**: Freeze for a cool, refreshing snack.
- **On the Go with Poochbutter Pal**: Perfect for adventures.
- **Straight from the Spoon or Tub**: Sometimes, a scoop or two straight up is all they need.

**Size**: 1kg

Elevate your pet's delight with our Original Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter - a nourishing blend designed for joy and health in every lick!

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