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The Original Poochbutter- Peanut Butter For Dogs

The Original Poochbutter- Peanut Butter For Dogs

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Introducing our Original Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter – the ultimate choice for your furry friend's joy. Carefully crafted and brimming with natural goodness, this peanut butter is a delectable and nutritious treat.

**Nutrient-Rich**: Packed with vitamins B6, E, niacin, and protein, it's not just a treat; it's a jar of essential nutrition.

**Sweetened with Honey**: Enhanced with honey for a touch of sweetness and that irresistible stickiness dogs adore.

**Made in the UK**: Proudly crafted in the UK, our peanut butter is free from salt, sugar, palm oil, and xylitol—only the finest ingredients for your cherished pet.

**Puppy Safe**: Specially formulated to be safe for puppies, making it an ideal choice for dogs of all ages.

**How to Use:**
Versatile and delicious, explore the paw-sibilities:

- **Hiding Medication**: Effortlessly conceal medication.
- **Bake Your Own Treats**: Create homemade doggy delights.
- **Add to Meals**: Enhance regular meals with a spoonful.
- **Lickmats & Fillable Toys**: Spread it on for interactive fun.
- **Frozen Treats**: Freeze for a cool, refreshing snack.
- **On the Go with Poochbutter Pal**: Perfect for adventures.
- **Straight from the Spoon or Tub**: Sometimes, a scoop or two straight up is all they need.

**Size**: 350g

**Ingredients**: Peanuts, Honey, Coconut Oil

Elevate your pet's treat experience with our Original Dog-Friendly Peanut Butter—a flavorful blend of health and delight.

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