• Wash and Fluff or Wash and Tidy

    A lovely way to get your dog’s coat back to a clean and cuddly condition. We will double cleanse with shampoo, brush and de-matt if needed and then your dog will have a gentle warm blow dry and spritz with a pleasant scent.

    For the “Tidy” we will clip their nails, trim around their sanitary area, trim around their eyes and paws.

    Wash and Fluff and Wash and Tidies are great in between full grooms to keep the coat maintained.

    Duration: 1 to 2 hours depending on size and temperament of the dog. Welcome to Love My Human, the home of luxury grooming and design pet accessories for your dogs and cats.

  • Full Groom

    A full groom involves a two shampoo cleanse, de-matting if needed and a brush out whilst being hand dried. The dogs fur is then cut to a style or breed standard style agreed with the owner. Their nails are clipped, ears checked, sanitary area trimmed and cleaned up. Your dogs will be brought back to its magnificent self after a Love My Human full groom.

    Duration: 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the size, breed and temperament of the dog. 

  • Puppy Intro

    Puppy grooms are different to the regular grooms – we do not cut and style puppies until their fur is fully grown and this will be discussed with our groomer. We will take the best of care with your new pups and be as gentle and loving with them to make sure they enjoy the first grooming experience.

    Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the size, breed and temperament of the puppy.

  • Cat Groom

    Kittens up to 6 months old from £100 for bath & brush; nails, eye & ear cleaning. For adult cats the price will depend on many factors such as size, age & behaviour, as well as the length condition of their coat.

    Dry shampoo from £115 (short haired breed) and from £125 (long haired breed). Wet bath for small to medium cats from £150 (short haired breed) and from £180 (long haired breed). Wet bath for large to extra large cats from £200

  • Teeth Cleaning Services

    We are all aware of the importance of maintaining your dogs oral health and keeping their teeth and gums clean.

    At Love My Human we offer canine teeth cleaning services which do not require anaesthetic – although it may not be possible for every dog depending on their ability to keep still and in more severe cases where there is a presence of dental diseases and that’s when we do recommend a visit to your vet practice.

  • Spa Day

    Drop your dog off for some pampering while you treat yourself to a day of shopping, dining and exploring on the King’s Road. We’ll take them out for lovely walk before giving them the groom of your choice and any extra treatments you’d like. When they’re lovely and clean and tired out, they can relax, snooze or play with other dogs in our luxury crèche.

    To really spoil your dog we offer the following add-on treatments.

    • Blueberry facial £18
    • Eye White barrier £10
    • Teeth clean £15
    • Nail clipping £15

Meet the team

We are immensely proud of our grooming team at Love My Human. Each groomer has been carefully selected and they come to us with no less than two years’ experience and hold City & Guilds (or equivalent) level 2-3 grooming qualifications.

To meet our high grooming standards they are engaged in further training with ICMG (International Certified Master Groomers), each with the aim of becoming Master Groomers.

As members of ICMG we have signed up to grooming under a code of ethics. This means not only do we groom to a high standard, we also place huge importance on the care and well-being of your pets during their time with us.

Our Groomers

Please note: these prices are a guideline and all final prices are set by your groomer on the day on the groom.

  • Hand Strip

    Hand stripping is a grooming technique used for certain types of dogs, particularly those with wiry coats like terriers and some sporting breeds. Instead of cutting the hair, this method involves plucking the dead outer coat by hand or with a stripping knife. This helps maintain the coat's texture and color, encourages new growth, and keeps the dog's coat looking natural and healthy. Hand stripping should be done regularly, usually every few months, and it's best performed by a professional groomer to ensure it's done correctly and comfortably for the dog.

    This service on top of groom add £35

  • Scissor Cut

    Scissor cutting is a grooming technique used for various dog breeds, particularly those with long or curly coats. This method involves using scissors to trim and shape the dog's fur to the desired length and style. It allows for precise control over the cut, creating a neat and polished appearance. Scissor cutting is often used to enhance the dog's natural features and ensure an even, professional look. Regular grooming with scissor cuts helps maintain the coat's health and appearance.

    This service on top of the groom add £35

  • Clipp

    Clipping is a grooming technique used for various dog breeds, especially those with thick or matted coats. This method involves using electric clippers with different blade lengths to cut the dog's fur to a specific length, either shorter or longer, depending on the desired style. Clipping helps manage the dog's coat, reduces shedding, and keeps the dog comfortable, especially in warmer weather. Regular clipping helps maintain the coat's health and prevents matting and tangling.

  • Dematting

    Dematting your dog's fur requires extra work. The groomer will assess your dog's condition. It's important to bring your dog without major tangles, as severe matting can cause health issues and discomfort for your pet.

    This service fee is between £20 and £40.

  • 2 Groomers

    In some cases, we need two groomers to service your dog. This can be due to various reasons: the dog's large size, severe tangles, behaviour, anxiety, or other factors. Having two groomers ensures the service is performed safely and with the highest quality for your dog.

    This service fee is between £30 and £60.

  • Season Package

    Our Season Package is a special grooming bundle offered for each season to keep your dog looking and feeling great. It includes teeth cleaning, special head shampoo, seasonal cologne, and balm for paw pads and nose. This comprehensive package ensures your dog is impeccably groomed and well cared for throughout the year.

    This package price is £35