• What is Puppy Sunday and how does it cater to my young pup's socialization and play needs?

    Puppy Sunday has been designed for your pup to enjoy socialising and playing in a safe, monitored environment with other fur babies. Puppy Sunday is available for small/medium breeds between the age of 12 weeks and 6 months and for larger breeds between the age of 12 weeks and 16 weeks.

    It’s a place where they can meet others, play and tire themselves out while a trained carer watches over them and helps the more nervous pups settle in.

    Whether your little one is shy, energetic, or likes to potter and sniff around, we have a welcoming environment for our new friends to explore the joy of playing!

  • Our Environment

    Our facilities include our main daycare room and our rooftop terrace.

    Main Daycare Room – Our main room is airy, designed to feel like home along with cosy beds and a range of soft, fun and enriching toys.

    Rooftop Terrace – A large open area fitted with AstroTurf and agility equipment. Our guests can stretch their legs here and also explore our new Sensory Garden. In the summer months we have a gazebo and paddling pool available for the guests to use. 

  • What are the details and costs for Puppy Sunday sessions?

    Sessions are £25 for one hour between 12pm-1pm or 1:15pm-2:15pm on Sundays.

    Sessions will have a minimum of 3 puppies and a maximum of 5 puppies.


How Does The Enrollment Process Work?

We will ask you to complete an application form, sign our terms and conditions and provide proof of your puppy's vaccinations. Please note that puppies can only attend Puppy Socialisation Sessions if it has been at least two weeks since their last vaccinations.

Do I Have To Book In Advance?

Yes, we do require advance notice for bookings, please email townhousecreche@lovemyhuman.co.uk.

What Capacity is the Crèche ?

Sessions will have a minimum of 3 puppies and a maximum of 5 puppies.

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Housed above our cafe in temperature-controlled and soundproof rooms, the dogs are cared for by level three Ofqual qualified carers.

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