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Dog Finger tooth brush

Dog Finger tooth brush

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Make dental care a breeze for your dog with our reusable dog finger toothbrush. Designed for comfort and effectiveness, this gentle tool is safe and easy to use as part of your dog's oral hygiene routine. 


Our new innovative finger toothbrushes designed for dogs are a convenient way to brush your dog's teeth. Benefits include:

• Pack of 5 silicone finger brushes: each set includes five high-quality silicone finger brushes, ensuring an ample supply for regular use. Now you can effortlessly maintain your dog's oral hygiene without the worry of running out.

• Finger shaped and flexible: the unique finger-shaped design offers flexibility for reaching deep into those challenging areas of your dog's mouth. Enjoy thorough cleaning without causing discomfort to your pet.

• Reusable: our finger toothbrushes are not only effective but also eco-friendly. They are reusable and washable, providing a sustainable solution for your dog's dental care needs.

• Durable: crafted for durability, our finger toothbrushes stand the test of time. The strong construction ensures longevity, making them a reliable companion in your dog's oral care journey.

• Gum Massage: the advanced design features microfiber bristles and a gentle pimple structure, providing not only effective cleaning but also a soothing gum massage. Enhance your dog's oral health while ensuring a comfortable experience.

How to Use

For the best results, pair with our vet-approved dog toothpaste.

1. Pull one finger brush over your index finger

2. Apply toothpaste along the bristle of the brush

3. Clean each tooth by applying gentle pressure back & forth.

4. Praise during & reward your dog after you have finished

5. After Use, wash it with clean water

One pack of dog finger tooth brushes

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