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dwh valerian compound 30ml

dwh valerian compound 30ml

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Soothe your stressed, hyperactive, or frightened pet swiftly with our Valerian Compound for dogs and cats. This fast-acting solution, comprised of pure extracts from three herbs in liquid form, takes effect in just 30 minutes, providing relief for up to two hours. Conveniently administered by dropping it directly into the mouth, mixing it with food, or sprinkling it onto your pet's bedding, it effectively reduces stress in various situations. Non-drowsy and with a scent that even appeals to our discerning feline friends, this compound makes calming your pet a breeze.

For frightened, anxious, hyperactive, or stressed animals, this easy-to-administer liquid brings quick relief. Whether dropped into the mouth, mixed with food, or sprinkled on bedding, it transforms vet visits, travel, or moving into less stressful experiences. Cats, in particular, are drawn to the appealing scent of Valerian Compound, ensuring hassle-free administration for pet owners.

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