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FORA Silver blanket

FORA Silver blanket

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The Föra collection presents exceptionally elegant and stylish double-sided blankets crafted from a blend that impeccably mimics natural fur. These rectangular, meticulously hand-finished blankets offer a soft, fluffy texture, ensuring exceptional warmth to provide thermal comfort for any dog.

Adding to their allure, the pattern resembling fox fur not only enhances the visual warmth but also elevates the ambiance of any interior, imparting a sense of style to the room. Moreover, Föra blankets are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly complement LABBVENN beds and cushions, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look for your pet's space.

In essence, the Föra collection harmonizes functionality with aesthetics, delivering blankets that not only cocoon your dog in warmth but also enhance the overall appeal of your living space.

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