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Ear, Eye and Dental Wipes

Ear, Eye and Dental Wipes

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Eye Wipes

Our antibacterial eye wipes for dogs are specially crafted to gently clean and soothe. These wipes are the perfect answer to the question, "What wipes can I use for my dog's eyes?" Keeping your pup's peepers sparkling and free from irritations with natural, organic and antibacterial ingredients.

How to Use

Follow Three Simple Steps:

• Begin by ensuring your hands are clean, then retrieve one antibacterial eye wipe for dogs from the user-friendly container.

• With gentle care, swipe around your dog's eye, guiding the pad from the lower eyelid down the face while consistently moving away from the eye itself. Take precaution to avoid direct contact with the eye.

• Safely dispose of the used wipe and securely seal the container lid. This ensures the longevity of the other aloe vera-soaked wipes, preventing them from drying out and maintaining their antibacterial properties.

Dental Wipes

Say goodbye to doggy breath with our dog teeth wipes! Designed for easy and convenient dental care, our dental wipes for dogs help keep your pup's pearly whites clean  with a gentle formula that’s as effective as brushing their teeth! A fuss-free way to maintain their winning smiles.

How to Use

Our dog teeth wipes are best paired with a regular teeth brushing routine. Make sure your dog is comfortable before entering their mouth with the wipes. Follow these steps:

1. Remove dental finger wipes

2. Gently wipe around your dog's teeth, removing plaque and tartar to refresh breath

3. Dispose of the used wipe

4.Tighten the lid to ensure the unused wipes do not dry out.

Ear Wipes

Keep your pup's ears fresh and clean with our Dog Ear Wipes – the hassle-free solution for maintaining optimal ear hygiene! Designed for gentle yet effective cleaning, these wipes are a must-have to prevent discomfort and promote happy, healthy ears. 

How to Use

1. Take one dog wipe from the container, ensuring you have clean hands, and place it over your index finger.

2. Clean your dog’s ears by gently wiping the area. It’s important to take special care when wiping around the ear canal.

3. Dispose of the wipe and fasten the container to ensure the other aloe vera soaked wipes don’t dry out.

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