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dwh digestive tablets

dwh digestive tablets

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Provide natural support for your dog's upset stomach and digestive issues with our herbal tablets. Gurgling tummies, wind, and flatulence can occasionally trouble our canine and feline friends, with some being more prone to such discomfort. When faced with the challenge of what to give a dog for an upset stomach, it's crucial to find a soothing solution. That's where our Digestive Tablets for dogs come to the rescue! This natural supplement is enriched with a blend of calming herbs:

1. Ginger and valerian root: Eases digestion and promotes increased bowel activity.
2. Rhubarb and peppermint: Aids in supporting the digestive tract.
3. Slippery elm bark: Offers soothing comfort to help maintain stool consistency.

Ease your pet's digestive woes naturally with our carefully formulated Digestive Tablets.

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