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Tree Barks powder

Tree Barks powder

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Ensure your pet's tummy stays naturally comfortable and their stools remain normal with our blend of complementary digestive herbs. Three renowned herbs, each celebrated for their digestive health properties, work in harmony to offer effective digestive support, promoting both comfortable tummies and regular stools.

1. **Slippery Elm Bark:** Rich in mucilage, a sticky substance known for maintaining good bowel regularity and stool consistency.

2. **Marshmallow Root:** A potent mucilaginous herb that coats the gut, providing soothing relief and assisting with gut transit.

3. **White Poplar Bark:** With its soothing properties, white poplar bark contributes to keeping tummies comfortable.

Give your pet the digestive care they deserve with this thoughtfully crafted herbal blend, promoting digestive well-being and normal stool function.

Tub size is 100g.

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