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Essential Dog Hygiene Kit

Essential Dog Hygiene Kit

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Ear, Eye and Dental Wipes (Wipes)

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Introducing the Essential Dog Hygiene Kit, the ultimate collection of grooming necessities for your furry friend. This kit includes:

  • Dog Shampoo: Keep your dog's coat clean and shiny with our gentle, yet effective shampoo.
  • Dry Shampoo for Dogs:Perfect for quick clean-ups between baths, ensuring your pet always smells fresh.
  • Finger Toothbrush:Designed for easy handling, this toothbrush allows you to clean your dog's teeth with precision.
  • Special Dog Toothpaste: Formulated to maintain oral health, this toothpaste helps prevent dental issues.
  • Eye and Ear Cleaning Wipes:Convenient and gentle wipes to keep your dog's eyes and ears clean and free from irritation.

Ensure your dog stays healthy and happy with our all-in-one hygiene solution.

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