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The Golden Paste Co.

Golden Paste for Pets

Golden Paste for Pets

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The Golden Paste Co. have worked tirelessly to create a formula with the correct balance between turmeric, oil and pepper. The Golden Paste Turmeric for dogs has been specifically formulated to enhance your pooch's joint health, general well being, supports digestion and maintains a thick and healthy coat.

This user-friendly paste comes in a squeezable, fully recyclable plastic pouch. We would like to stop using plastic, but we are still searching for a suitable material that can hold a liquid. Watch this space!

Suitable for Raw diets. 


Use Directions:

1/4 teaspoon twice daily - 100g will last 40 days. (200, 80 days)

1/2 teaspoon twice daily - 100g will last 20 days. (200g, 40 days)

1 teaspoon twice daily - 100g will last 10 days. (200g, 20 days)

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