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Homey Dog Bed

Homey Dog Bed

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Comfortable dog bed with washable properties in dark grey. The shape and function were designed to mimic the comfort of a bean bag chair that allows dogs to sink comfortably.

  • dog pillow with decorative leather handle
  • soft dog mattress
  • machine washable dog bed
  • handcrafted designer dog bed
  • minimalistic timeless design
  • interchangeable bed covers available in various colors and materials

A simple dog bed with 100% comfort factors: the cozy and soft yet supportive mattress that mimics the comfort of a bean bag allows dogs to sink into the bed whilst allowing the joints to realign itself after a day’s work. A durable and stylish blend of colours as bed cover for this high quality dog pillow adds a stylish hint to any living space whereas the decorative leather handle hints elegance. Should you ever feel the need for a change of look, explore our range of replacement dog covers in various colors.

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