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Miracle Coat Elixir by Lakhi Thindal

Miracle Coat Elixir by Lakhi Thindal

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Miracle Coat Elixir by Lakhi Thindal is a revolutionary multipurpose silicone free grooming product exclusive to The Pawdinary. Made from the absolute finest natural ingredients Miracle Coat Elixir contains nourishing Marula extract, pro vitamin b5, and vegetable glycerine to hydrate, nourish and repair hair. Helps remove knots and tangles when grooming as well as preventing further matting post groom. Deepens colour and adds a beautiful lustrous shine. 


Apply lightly to wet or dry coat.

Helps prevent heat damage, adds instant shine and condition with a myriad of vitamins without adding residue or weight. 

Ideal as a finishing spray. 

Can help prevent clipper marks by applying before clipping.

Rejuvenates dry, dull coats.

Suitable for wool, drop, wire, double and silky coats

Ingredients include: 

Water, vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, Marula Extract Pro vit B5, fragrance(coco butter) 


Designed to work in conjunction with The Pawdinary shampoo range

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