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Hygge Bed

Hygge Bed

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Finding the perfect dog bed for our beloved furry companions is no easy feat. When it comes to spoiling our cherished dogs, nothing but the best will suffice. Introducing our Hygge Dog Bed, a contemporary addition to the world of dog beds that doesn't compromise on quality, design, or comfort. Hygge is tailored for dogs who appreciate a soft, snug, and secure place to rest.

The cover of this exceptional dog bed is crafted from one of the most luxurious polyester fabrics, typically found only in the most exclusive interior stores. Boasting an impressive abrasion resistance of 40,000 martindale, equivalent to that of a bus seat, it ensures both style and durability.

The mattress, made of memory foam, offers unparalleled comfort. When your dog leaves the bed, the mattress quickly regains its original shape, guaranteeing a bed that maintains its form over time.

The concealed zipper on the inside of the dog bed adds to its sleek design, creating an unobtrusive look. The leather strap adorning the bed is crafted from the finest core leather available, adding an extra layer of exclusivity to this exceptional dog bed.

Not only does the Hygge Dog Bed prioritize luxury and comfort, but it also upholds sustainability. Every Classic Dog Bed is crafted under sustainable conditions.

**Size Guide (Outside):**
- Length x Width: 68 x 55 cm
- Height: 14 cm
- Suitable for Dog Breeds: Cotton dogs, Jack Russel Terrier, Dachshund

Invest in the Hygge Dog Bed – a testament to quality, style, and the ultimate in canine comfort.

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