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Love My Human

Premium Goody Bag

Premium Goody Bag

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  • Natural Beauty Toothbrush: Keep those pearly whites shining bright with our natural beauty toothbrush, because every doggie deserves a dazzling smile!
  • Poo Bag Dispenser (Cocopup London): Say goodbye to messy walks with our convenient poo bag dispenser from Cocopup London. Stylish and practical, it's the perfect accessory for every paw-rent on the go!
  • Pawer Water: Keep your pup hydrated and happy with our pawer water, because staying hydrated is key to being a top dog!
  • Random Rewards (50g): Treat your furry friend to a surprise with our random rewards, because who doesn't love a tasty surprise now and then?
  • Premium Toy: Let the fun begin with our monkey toy (or similar) that'll keep your pup entertained for hours on end. Because every doggie deserves a playtime pal!
  • 1 Pack of Poo Bags: Stay prepared for any situation with our pack of poo bags, because being a responsible paw-rent means always cleaning up after your furry friend.
  • 1 LMH Biscuit: Indulge your pup's taste buds with our delicious LMH biscuit, because every treat should be a tasty delight!
  • Card: Send some paw-sitive vibes with our included card, because every gift should come with a heartfelt message.
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