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Sleepy Deluxe Outdoors Bed

Sleepy Deluxe Outdoors Bed

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A highly durable dog bed for the terrace or garden in dark grey with bolster edges for a headrest and to create a barrier made with robust washable materials.

  • Multi-chamber mattress to prevent sagging.
  • Machine washable dog bed
  • Dog bed cover in anti-bacterial outdoor fabric
  • Waterproof and easy care maintenance
  • Handcrafted designer dog bed
  • Interchangeable dog bed covers in various colors and designs

Size Guide (L x W x H)

Small - 75 x 55 x 22cm

S Plus - 80 x 60 x 22.5cm

Medium - 90 x 70 x 23cm

Large - 115 x 95 x 24cm

Cover: polyester with water-repellent polyethylene coating
Mattress: latex and polyester flakes mix
Side chambers: plastic granulate, heat-resistant
Detail: handle made of genuine leather
Cover and chambers: 30 degree delicates, wash with closed velcro.
Mattress: 30 degree delicates (not suitable for dryers)
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